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Originally Posted by kisas View Post
I know many of you had compared with X3 when you were buying X5. I'm in the same situation now. I plan to have one kid next year and another one a year or two later. So I need a car that can seat parents, two kids and another adult passenger. I found that X5 does not provide much more space. And some comments here say that the third row is too tiny even for toddlers. I'm wondering what make you people choose X5 over X3.

Any input is appreciated!
  • You can get a diesel in the X5. Not yet available for th X3
  • You CAN get 5 adults into a X5. You can NOT to that with the X3 (way too narrow for 3 adults in the back)
  • The X5 is a good bit bigger and handles differently (being built off a different chassis).
  • The X3 is OK and fine as long as the kids are small AND you don't need to take grandma with you on any long trips.

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