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Originally Posted by kisas View Post
Thanks ! a few following up questions.

What's the benefit over a gas engine car?
If your thinking this is the Prius of X5s. Not really. Diesels are most effective for people involved in city stop and go traffic. The amount of torque (425 ft/lbs) really is felt in stop and go. When passing lanes, your gonna be dead even, or less with the N55.

5 is a little bit short. 6 would be great.
IF you looking for 6, your only option in BMW is the X5. the X5 you can comfortably fit 5. 3rd row is a joke, and even kids hate it.

If your looking for 6 but not BMW, try the Q7 (not really bigger) or GL from Merc. There are more reasonable options in the Asian luxury market. Acura MDX or Lexus G460.

But since your looking for a 6 seater in BMW, X5 is the only option (more like your settling for the biggest they offer).

what are the advantages ? safer? I saw a BMW X5 2014 spy video, very impressive. But I guess you have to opt for the most expensive packages, such as bigger engine, sporty package. But at the end of day, I won't race with this car.
BMW is safe no doubt. The 2014 is still a couple of months away.

If you can wait, I would stay with a short X5 lease, then switch into a second year 2015 X5. The kinks are (better than 1st Model Year) worked out. In addition, the in-car tech (that includes powertrain, infotainment, and etc) is probably gonna be more advance. Also the 2014+ X5 may have a more useable third row.

One think I would say is, there really is no guarantee of the Next-gen X5 having a third row. BMW is constantly expanding their vehicle portfolio, so I wouldn't be surprised if they start offering a X7 to go against the GL. Pure Speculation.

Also simply stated, BMW has always made the base car relatively affordable. However to get the exotic tech, and some of it is a first in class, or a class leader your gonna pay.

Did you consider buying a X3 and then upgrade to X5 when kids grow up?

Most buyers tend do this, however if you from the get go need 5 seats, the x3 isnt going to work. Their was a recent thread about this question in the X3 forum. So check it out.

Also check out the reviews available on youtube. specifically these two.

Most car reviews tend to focus on the front of the cabin. This British one, really does a tour of the vehicle. They have tons for the Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Porsche. Focus on the transmission tunnel and its space eating in the X3.

Hope that helps!
BMW and Mercedes Build Beta Products!
Lexus build Release Candidate Products!

Why does this matter?
CAUSE EVERY TIME someone says Lexus has better build quality, one should consider what Toyota their Lexus Engine and chassis platform comes out of and how long that part has been tested in the real world!

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