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Originally Posted by Master Apex View Post
The C6 paddle shift, 55AMG paddle shift and Boxster S TipTronic are all fluid based transmission with NO Clutch. Therefore it allows "slip" between gears to smooth out the gear change at the expense of fluid transfer loss.
The SMG has real clutch, the jerk comes from clutching and de-clutching with very little slip that is controlled by logic instead of your left foot on 3 pedals manual car (where you can control the slip of the clutch).

I don't like the D-mode but I enjoy driving the S-mode since I paddle shift it manually and know to expect the clutching action. I also take advantage of the car wide power band and smooth rev by staying in the gear for at least 4k-5k RPM (for relax driving) before shifting and rev it to at least 7k-8k for more spirited driving. Try driving the car by staying in gear longer, this engine loves to rev and the torque keeps building up beyond 6k RPM unlike C6/BoxsterS/AMG where the torque is dropping after 5k RPM and is straining at high RPM. I rarely shift beyond 4th gear when driving in town to keep the RPM above 3K at all time.

absolutely...I had a 997 911 carerra S and like that car, this one as well loves the just gotta wind the thing out...let it breathe a lil...hell, let it breathe a lot and enjoy the damn thing. Its supposed to be cranked up and out and ran like a thai hooker before the world blows up.

Really though...beat it and love it thats what this car is for...why the hell
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