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Originally Posted by kisas View Post
Thanks ! a few following up questions.

What's the benefit over a gas engine car?
Are you SERIOUS? The typical SUV that can carry 6 people comfortably averages around 16MPG. This includes Ford Expeditions, Chevy Tahoes, BMW X5, Audi Q7, Lexus GX460, Merc GLs, Porsche Cayenne, and on and on and on. The newer cars are implementing things like "power shut off when stopped at a light" in efforts to get those vehicles about 20MPG averages. So gasoline-powered SUVs are (in general) gas HOGs that people have been running away from for the past 4 or 5 years as fuel prices have risen.

In stark contrast are the Hybrid SUV's which can get up to as much as 30MPG but that daily fuel efficiency comes at a significantly higher price tag. In 2006 I bought my wife a new $42K Highlander Hybrid Limited to replace a 2004 Lexus GX470 that was getting 17MPG driven conservatively. The HiHy was "suppose" to have gotten 31MPG on the interstate (that is what the window sticker showed) but those ratings were found to be inaccurate and we only average 26MPG. This is a GREAT option for someone who has a stop & go (under 15MPH much of the time) commute as the extra power from the battery helps A LOT in the initial acceleration. However, Hybrids are VERY expensive. As an example, a 2012 Porsche Hybrid Cayenne SUV is about $20K(25%) more expensive than a regular v6 version but the fuel economy is not anywhere NEAR the equivalent 25% improvement (more like about 8% better fuel economy). So dealer's of Hybrid SUVs have discovered (surprise) that few buyers are wiling to pay 25% more for a miniscule improvement in fuel economy. This is where the diesels come in. For about a 4% price increase over the standard engines, you can get a diesel version which can average BETTER fuel economy than the Hybrids IF... you drive a normal mix of 50/50 highway to city driving. I am averaging about 24.5 MPG on my new X5 diesel. The sales price of my "well equipped" X5d was ~$55K. The exact same configuration on a gasoline version of this SUV would have been $61K INVOICE (both discounted based on dealer incentives) so the diesel version was actually CHEAPER & I get 20% better fuel economy. In addition, diesels have MUCH stronger pulling power so if towing a boat, camper, motorcycle of car trailer interest you than the Diesel is a MUCH better option than the standard 6-cylinder options. In many cases, gasoline buyers often have to buy a more expensive v8 version of the same car in order to get anywhere NEAR the power of the Diesel engines and then they are getting even WORSE fuel economy. There is a reason that Diesel is the preferred fuel in Europe (as you can see in the above video, you CAN get the diesels in the european versions of the X3 but you can't get that 45MPG version here in the states, sorry). It will become the same here in the US...eventually.

Originally Posted by kisas View Post
5 is a little bit short. 6 would be great.
Then you DON'T want a X6. You are going to need something larger and ALL of those are more expensive. Look @ the Q7 TDI or the Volkswagon Tourag which are IMHO he best bang for the buck for a 6-seater SUV.

Originally Posted by kisas View Post
what are the advantages ? safer? I saw a BMW X5 2014 spy video, very impressive. But I guess you have to opt for the most expensive packages, such as bigger engine, sporty package. But at the end of day, I won't race with this car.
Sorry but I don't understand your question. Advantages over what? X5 over a competitor? Any SUV vs. another, etc? Options are "just that", Options. You can leave them off or buy them depending on your interest and ability to pay. Of course there are differing engines for differing manufacturers but that doesn't mean that you have to buy the RACE (/M version) of those SUVs.

Originally Posted by kisas View Post
Did you consider buying a X3 and then upgrade to X5 when kids grow up?
Been there, done that. We bought a Lexus RX330 when the kids were younger. When the kids got older & I was able to get a business credit for buying (and using) a larger, heavier SUV in my business (50% of the time), I bought the GX470 which was VERY NICE and my wife still liked the best. When fuel prices started reaching $4.40/gallon during President Bush's tenor in office, we decided to buy the 7 passenger Toyota Highlander Hybrid with a 3rd row seat only a pair of 8 year olds could use (as outlined above). Now that our youngest is turning 10, I have bought the 5 passenger X5 (we don't need more than 5 even with grandma as it's just me, my wife & our 2 boys).

My advice would be to "buy what you can afford and skip planning for replacing something in the future" NEVER KNOW what the future will bring & if you wait until the "next best thing" comes out, you will end up never buying anything at all because there will ALWAYS be something better in the future...forever and ever...

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