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Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
CTEK'S are higher quality units. I use my Deltran for my bike in the winter. I've had it for three years now without issue. The difference here is that the Deltran unit has a four step process compared to the CTEK's eight step process. CTEKS are insulated while Deltrans aren't. I'll get a thread up about it shortly.

Honestly, if your battery is that dead and won't accept charge anymore, I'd replace it. That's just me though. I wouldn't want a battery that's been 'revived' as CTEK calls it to be under my hood and when I go to start my car up, expect for it to turn on..and it just sit there. I like to be a bit on the cautious side.

This is what I've been using:
The battery was replaced today under warranty. After doing every diagnostic they could possibly dream up, the consensus of the service department at my dealership is that I:

1) don't drive the car for long enough periods of time (I live 5.3 miles from where I work, on a good day, if I hit all the lights right, I can do the 5 miles in about 7 minutes door to door.)
2) open and and close the driver's door too many times between significant drive cycles (so shoot me for opening the door too many times while giving the car its weekly bath).
3) Turn the car on then off without enough "on time" for the alternator to do its job. (How long should it take to back the car into the drive to wash it?)

On the service paperwork they indicated that because the battery had previously died, and been recharged it is now not properly holding a charge.

Bottom line, now that I have a fresh battery in the car, if the car is indeed a voltage vampire, I'm going to make sure I give it plenty of supplementation so the new battery doesn't die an early death as well.

I have to admit, the 8 step process touted by CTEK has me intrigued, plus it's a very streamlined unit. The practical side of me is struggling with the form vs. function side of the equation.
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