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Originally Posted by cleathersjr View Post
. Please any help would be great wife is getting on my nerves "you had to have a bmw"
I have some unconventional advice for you.

1. Tell your missus that you bought the BMW to impress her. Say this with hesitation, but with a straight face, as if you're embarrassed to admit to something that sounds so teenage and silly. Regardless of how she reacts, she will be inwardly impressed. There are benefits to that.

2. If you really have some major talents here, do this while in bed, as if you're talking while you're asleep. Make sure its loud enough to wake her but not loud enough to make her think that you're making this up.

3. Buy her flowers.

4. #1 and #3 can only be used once every year per subject for it to be effective. You can't afford more incidents. Do preventive maintenance now ! Replace the fuel pump, its o ring, the fp relay, and the crankshaft position sensor. Replace the water pump (with a composite impeller version) and the thermostat. Get a new bleed screw and rad cap...$15 for both together.

Please download the bentley manual (google) and please read the maintenance stickies at the top of the forums for more thorough information.

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