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Originally Posted by cleathersjr View Post
I have a 95 530i with the m 60 v8 and it seems to intermitantly stop running on the 4 cylinders on driver side. I have swapped 3 sets of fuel injectors switched the coils from side to side to see which ones were bad but it stays on driver side. trying to drive it will suddenly go to full power like a switch has been thrown. and it will run fine for days-weeks then suddenly i will feel like a kind of skip under acceleration between gear changes and ride a bit and start loosing power. Please any help would be great wife is getting on my nerves "you had to have a bmw"
It sounds like a misfire situation but its complicated as it does not happen often. Misfires in any case are usually caused by bad ignition coils/distributor coils or bad spark plugs. If you've never changed your plugs I would start with that as new plugs are cheap, they are easy to replace and new plugs to improve your cars performance slightly when compared to very old ones.

Please look at the spark plug wells to confirm that you have no oil gathering in them. If there's oil, its a valve cover leak. You don't need to change both gaskets though if the other side does not leak, but you should check the unchanged side once every 6 months.

There is another possibility....rather obscure but it has happened before. Your ignition coil wires' insulation is cracked and moisture/condensation is getting onto it, causing bad performance. This causes bad starting on cold days especially. Drive the car around, make sure it performs normally. Then stop it, give it 20 minutes to cool off, then hose down the entire engine bay with water. Do not dry it up, give it a further 5 minutes, then start up the engine and take your car for another drive. If you observe the same symptoms again, then that's very likely the culprit in this case.

Please do the stomp test (check on youtube) and see if you have any relevant error codes. Actually, this should have been my first suggestion.

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