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Originally Posted by walla2 View Post
Hello, looking for some (gentle) feedback about the 328 or perhaps 335. Right now my main car is-can I say the "A" word? -Oh yes, I can?-OK MY MAIN CAR IS AN A--I S4.It is pretty new and I enjoy it a lot . Am looking to add one other car and I have driven a version of the 328i and it seemed pretty good. However, it was not a 6 speed and even in retirement I will still go with a 6 speed as long as I can-we live in a nice fairly empty part of Washington state and I just plain like a stick.
Soooooo-how do the folks on this site like their 4 cylinder 328i (plural) who have the stick shift?What has the MPG been like, noise level, handling with std 17" wheels? I really do not anticipate a lot of extras except for heated seats although I would have liked the heated steering wheel and 18" wheels but oh well.Of course,like a lot of car makers, the base 335 seems like not a bad deal when you figure in wheels, etc that are standard. ( And has anybody reached the conclusion that a stripped 335 is better than a more loaded 328i?). Thanks in advance for any input.
A couple of the packages seem a bit expensive. The technology package offering is nice, but for $3000? And dealer invoice isn't much lower. I left it off my order because do I really need a HUD. Seriously, I can't be bothered to look at my speedo. And my iPhone has a better nav app.

It's a matter of preference and how you drive.
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