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3" of snow on top of the cars on the street.

Gasbuddy. They have a page for us NY/NJ residents that shows you what gas stations "has gas", or "no gas".

The thing is, as this is the method Gas Buddy works, is that everything is user input. You can see user comments about how long is the line, waiting time, etc.

Beautiful helpful comments from drivers waiting in line, telling you what's going on there before you drive over there yourself.

And then there is this asshole idiot troll who decided to get on the site and put in wrong information. He'd turn the station status from "no gas" to "has gas". Or will post that the station ran out of gas when it is in fact still open. I had to drive 4 miles round trip to see that he lied and the station was closed. Now you look at this information and you don't know if those stations are really open or closed.

What a useless loser.
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