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Hi guys, thanks a lot for all your comments. They are very helpful!

Now I tend to choose X3 after reading all your opinions. That's probably what we really need now. I was thinking a big car that can carry 6 people. But even X5 is not the best choice for packing 6 people for a long trip. And we don't have 6 people in the car for a long trip often, maybe one or two times a year. In that case, I would rent a van. Thanks for helping me straighten it out.

But eventually we will get a X5 when kids get older, with diesel engine

I'm considering only BMW or Audi, because of the safety reputation of German cars, especially after I watched the videos showing BMW making turns in the snow. Am I biased?

The last question: Is it safer to be in a larger and heavier car, say X5, than a smaller car, say X3, if an accident happens? Is the bulky body one of the reasons you bought X5?

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