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Congrats on your purchase ...hopefully , the best 7K you ever spent. I've had my J-spec 840 for about 2.5 yrs now, I smile everytime I look at it, and smile even bigger when I'm driving it......don't smile so much when I have to take it in for ...but, as they say...." The price of cool ain't cheap"......and for me, The 8 is one of the coolest looking cars I have ever seen. Repairs aren't as bad as most people think, especially with the 840. If the car hasnt been well maintained, it'll cost a few $ to get it uo to par.

There are quite a few 8 members in California...hopefully one will chime in and recommend a good mech for you, one that has experience on these cars. If you have trouble sourcing parts....Check out Gault BMW in NY....Charlie Spears deals with alot 8 members....there is an 8 series hotline phone # ( should be on their site).

Get used to people complimenting you on your car, and asking you about the car. Almost everytime I drive it, Someone always says....." wow, what beautiful car"....or " Is that a new BMW model, I have never seen /heard of it before".... " Can I take a Picture of it".....its kinda funny, makes me laugh.

Hope you enjoy yours as much, as I do mine....for many years to come

Heres a short,crappy vid of my car on take off w/ new exhaust.

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