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Originally Posted by walla2 View Post
Hello, looking for some (gentle) feedback about the 328 or perhaps 335. Right now my main car is-can I say the "A" word? -Oh yes, I can?-OK MY MAIN CAR IS AN A--I S4.It is pretty new and I enjoy it a lot . Am looking to add one other car and I have driven a version of the 328i and it seemed pretty good. However, it was not a 6 speed and even in retirement I will still go with a 6 speed as long as I can-we live in a nice fairly empty part of Washington state and I just plain like a stick.
Soooooo-how do the folks on this site like their 4 cylinder 328i (plural) who have the stick shift?What has the MPG been like, noise level, handling with std 17" wheels? I really do not anticipate a lot of extras except for heated seats although I would have liked the heated steering wheel and 18" wheels but oh well.Of course,like a lot of car makers, the base 335 seems like not a bad deal when you figure in wheels, etc that are standard. ( And has anybody reached the conclusion that a stripped 335 is better than a more loaded 328i?). Thanks in advance for any input.
I am like you, a diehard manual transmission guy. I had a chance to test drive the 328i 6-MT and to be sure that car has plenty of power, the 6-MT felt good, nothing really negative to say about it. Then I test drove a 335i with the adaptive suspension and 6-MT. Sold me right there and then.

Whether you put another extra item or not for me at least is a non issue. The 335i is that good with the adaptive suspension and the 6-MT. One slight difference between the 335i and the 328i and I may be nitpicking here is that the N55 engine has almost no turbolag while the 328i in 6-MT format does have a very slight lag. The power is just increadible, set the adaptive suspension in sport or sport + and the entire car just comes alive. I would say since you have an S4 and can afford the 335i get that and make sure you get the adaptive suspension.

No other package needed if you want to go on the cheap. if money is not object then the heated seats are nice, you may want premium (I didn't want the leather since I have a dog), NAV is nice to have the better Idrive screen, or if you are into HUD get the tech package. PDC is nice if you are in a city and do a lot of parking, it does make it easier. I also got the HK stereo system, its great but half the time I have it off just so I can hear the engine and exaust as i go thru the gears. If you are not into the sports seats (i love them) then you don't even have to get the sport model. Put adaptive suspension on it (this is a must) and what other options you want and when you get the car put a bitching set of wheels and tires, keeping the original for winter driving.

Good luck mate.
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