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Originally Posted by Db750 View Post
Haha, I know what you mean! Turning the traction control off and putting it into S6 still gets me, though. It's also crazy how hard these cars pull over 100.

I've driven some pretty sick cars in the last few weeks; most notably a 2013 E63 PP and my boys RS5. Trust me; neither compare to the m6. Yeah the E is faster, but that's it. It's a fast boat. No fun. RS is quick from dig and crazy tech, but M6 melts it above 75. Also handles like a boat (not that M6 is that good either).

Bottom line I don't think there are any cars even close in price that provide this driving experience. Honesty the best car I have driven other than mine in the last 6 months is an e92 335i. That car is an absolute blast! Looking to trade my wife's clk550 in for an 09+.

I will be purchasing a warranty for my car in feb and will drive it for at least another year. Looking to move to a Porsche 997 TT (my friend has a 996 with over $100k in mods that's sick!) or most likely the F80 M4 (is that what it's called?).

Gonna pick up the scoops/filters/plates this winter as well as evolve tune. What do you think of doing the Scoops in red as well as brake calipers in red, Anthony? Are you considering any more mods? What cars are you looking at for the future? I know I am always looking.
Ya none of those cars you listed above interest me. My next will probably be a 997 turbo, Audi R8 5.2 V-10, GTR (maybe), or a LP-560 Gallardo. Im leaning Gallardo because I love the G and there is so much you can do for more HP. Plus its a beautiful car. I've never really been crazy about P cars because it seems more of a older gentlemens car to me. I have driven the Audi R8 V-10 and V-8 and they are both awesome and could be driven as a daily. The GTR is probably the easiest to mod but I don't know if I can spend 90k+ on a NISSAN! Plus i see so many of these at all the car meets I attend here in Houston. I am always looking to, its sad lol. I can definitely see an E60 M5 in my future as a daily. Might need 4 doors in the near future.

As for more mods on my beast I think im probably done. I might do a tune and maybe some coil-overs but that's as far as I can see myself going with this beast. My warranty runs out in January 2013 so I will be purchasing an extended warranty here soon. Probably a 3 or 4 year.

Go with the red scoops and red calipers with ///M stickers it will look great. This is exactly what I have on mine and I looks flawless.

Take Care my friend,
Anthony Jackson

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