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P0138 Code on 2007 X3 40k

So mainly due to Sandy I have not driven my X3 for a week - Long Gas Lines.

Then we had 5 inches of snow and my wife needed it.

Shortly after starting the "Service Engine Soon" came on and has remained on.

I dropped into Pep boys and they read and reset the code P0138.

Strangely immediately after the reset the bulb fail light came on and I can't see one that is out.

I have read through some forum and most say that O2 sensors are unlikely to go at 40k miles.

I have replace O2 sensors before on a Subaru and have the tool but of course I am not sure which one it is and don't want to buy and replace all of them just to find out there wasn't a problem.

Is it possible it was a one off trigger?

How many O2 sensors are there on the X3?

Is there a way to test the O2 Sensors in situ?

If all else fails anyone know of a reliable repair shop on central Long Island NY?

Or maybe I can do it myself.
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