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BMW expands credit card program with $10K towards your next BMW
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Offering unique benefits and exclusive rewards – including up to $10,000 towards the lease or finance contract on a new vehicle – designed specifically for members of the BMW community, BMW Bank of North America re-launches a new, three-tiered BMW Credit Card program.

The expanded Visa® credit card collection encompasses the BMW Card, the BMW Signature® Card and the BMW Ultimate Card – issued by the BMW Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of BMW Financial Services NA, LLC.

The re-launch targets existing cardholders, introducing them to the new program and, where applicable, inviting them to upgrade to another tier, all without changing their account numbers.

Cardholders will have access to a range of premium reward redemption options developed from customer feedback and realigned with the BMW brand, including enhanced point earnings and a broader array of redemption levels.

In addition to redemption of points toward the lease or finance contract on a new BMW of up to $10,000, cardholders rewards will include the ability to purchase additional lease miles, pay for service and repairs and lifestyle merchandise at BMW centers, and attend exclusive BMW events.

New points earning opportunities are driven by a combination of the credit card selected by the customer and the type of purchase made. Customers can earn more points on their purchases made at BMW centers…3x, 4x or 5x per dollar spent.

“A dozen years ago we introduced the BMW Card to provide our customers, members of the BMW community, with a card tailored to their active lifestyles and rewarding them for being part of the BMW family,” explained Ken Petersen, President and Chairman, BMW Bank of North America. “Although the card has been extremely successful, customer feedback and a decade of change drove our decision to enhance our card products, but the heart of the program remains the same.”

The BMW Credit Card benefits go beyond points for purchases with bonuses for spending on gasoline and at BMW Centers. And there are BMW-unique rewards for point redemption including branded merchandise and toward vehicle purchases.

“The BMW Card is another way for us to reward loyalty — a way for BMW Financial Services to show its commitment to its customers and a means for the BMW community to show its passion for the brand,” added Petersen.
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