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Originally Posted by robertobaggio20 View Post
The car runs at higher rpms at idle when cold, to heat itself up faster.
Not true, but what i think you are meaning is that the trans shifts later when cold. However, before posting anything like this, you need to know what engine is in the car. if its the M20 engine, it did no have this feature. if its an M50, its actually the transmission that shifts later, it has nothing to do with idling differently. the transmission and engine control units cooperate on the M50 setup, but the M20 is mechanically operated, not electronic. As anybody that knowss how an engine works, raising the idle with no load on the engine is not good for it and creates carbon buildup etc

Originally Posted by 1995i540 View Post
Yet another stupid post.

As other person above me suggested this is most likely a result of unmetered air entering the system. Do a propane/start fluid/brake fluid test or a smoke test if you can.

Temperature sensors would not cause your car to rev it self up to compensate mixture.
all of these maybes can be solved by scanning the engine. Both the M20 and M50 have fault diagnostics built into the ECU, why would you start anywhere else?

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