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For those that want a CTEK just for purdy lights, well you only get two lit at a time, haha.

Kat, if it's between the BT *Plus* and a Ctek, I think having the sealed/insulated design of the Ctek will be worth at least a part of the extra premium to you. (Look at the open design of the pic that Thunder Dump gave.) IIRC, this was one of the more important differences for me.

I had also researched these brands, and found some similar comments to what Hot Ice has been saying about BT, that while the warranty on the face of it looks superb, people are probably not going to use it when the battery dies, might as well just buy a new one for the "cost". This said, I'd still expect any given new BT to work well for many years, as they've done for others here.

I said it in the other thread, if I bought one all over again, I'd step up to a nicer model, the 7002. Overkill, sure, but I would.

I'm not sure who is aware or not (though I'm guessing you would be), but apparently CTEK has come out with some new chargers (including a pretty darned expensive one for race cars). I don't know how long it's been since they've been released. Instead of the 3300, you may consider the MUS 4.3. The website says that the former is 4 step, the latter is 8 step, and the "msrp" is almost identical. The latter has a reconditioning mode, but brief research tells me that this is automatically done with the 3300, it just doesn't have a discrete "mode" for it. With the 4.3, it is assumed you have done the charge firstly, before using the recond mode.

What I'm trying to find out, unsuccessfully, is if the "soft start" of the 7002 model is worth a darn. You see when I have mine hooked up still even after the charge is complete, as soon as I use the fob to unlock a door (even after waiting out an overnighter), I see the charger instantly go to charge mode.

So if you have yours hooked up say immediately after a wash, charging while you tend to your seals, etc, opening/closing doors, using the origami, I wonder how many times you could get the charger to "wake up" and "sleep" in a session (for lack of more proper terms atm). I'm guessing it wouldn't be much more than one cycle for many/most or even you, but then few to none care for their car in the way you do! (So, I just wonder.) While yes I'd just get the higher model(s) for the heck of it, maybe for you there could be a real reason or value for you to be had, to warrant the extra premium.
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