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Originally Posted by elektron82 View Post
Hi all.

I just bought an 05 545i a little over a week ago with 76k miles. Its an automatic. The dealer thought it had the sport package but I found out via research that it actually does not. Because of that I didn't think much about the rough shifting it had on test drive. At this point I am starting to notice it more because I am not "getting used to" the car and getting smoother technique.

I have a lot of dead zone in the gas pedal, about the first 10 degrees has almost no effect. Then it picks up and causes a "surge" of torque at once after pressing down far enough.

The other thing I noticed was that I can't smoothly stop the car. The downshifts are noticeable no matter how much braking is applied. Once about to stop it seems like it downshifts and then the idle suddenly drops. If i don't time my foot letting up on the brake pedal carefully then the car ends up bucking wildly.

I don't have any slams or sounds going on. I don't notice any hiccups or hesitation in any gear. Its just when starting off, braking, and especially when coming to a stop it has issues.

Does this sound like the mechatronics unit is starting to fail? If so I am thinking to do fluid/filter service and save up for a different car. Of course on the other hand I feel confident I could replace it myself and if the car drove nicely afterwords then it might be worth it to me. I paid 18 for the car. I think I will start with either a test drive of another 545 or have an experienced tech confirm it.


The first 10 degrees of pedal movement not doing much is the same on mine--google BMW throttle tip in and you'll find tons on it. It's a common issue but seems to be kind of an "is what it is" thing with no options to improve it. Some say you can reset "throttle adaptations" (google it) and it will help for a while anyways.

I can still barely smoothly stop mine as well. There's a transmission software bug where it shifts down from 2nd to 1st right before you stop, making it jerk at a horrible time. Try this: drive it in manual mode, when coming to a stop and downshifting manually, don't use 1st. Stop with it in 2nd and see if it's smooth then. My guess is it will be. If you don't downshift at all, it will shift down to 3rd for you before you stop (but not go any lower until you tell it to). Try that also and see if it's smoother.

There's a software update that fixes the issue (I think it basically just doesn't use 1st unless you're in sport mode) that may be an option for you to consider if stopping in 2nd via manual mode helps.

Sounds like normal stuff to me, not a mechatronics failure. I wouldn't tell anyone you paid that much

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