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I would recommend you change it now. has the oil (only use ZF, I don't care what anyone else tells you you can possibly use).

I did a video somewhere of changing the entire mechatronics unit (valvebody), but it shows pull pan off which should show you what you'll have to do if you're doing it yourself.

Make sure to reset transmission adaptations (via INPA) right after changing the fluid. When I first changed mine it jerked and bucked and was HORRIBLE to drive--I thought I was going to need a new transmission, but a reset in INPA made a huge difference. I then changed out the solenoids in the valve body and that finished fixing all of my issues (but I have 180K miles)

Anyways. Yes, change it. You can only change about half of it at a time (other half is in torque converter, etc.). Some people recommend changing half now and changing again in a few weeks so you get most of the old out.

Change the filter as well. It's built into the oil pan (plastic). thectsc sells a kit with oil and filter

I would not recommend a flush. Just drain and fill, maybe twice.

Again: RESET ADAPTATIONS afterwards. I tried the "hold the pedal down for 30 seconds with the engine off" thing and it didn't do squat. You need access to BMW software

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