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Originally Posted by kskane View Post
Thanks, one more question, does CTSC actually provide a guide how to replace the solenoids on the valve body? Is it simple un-screw and screw back in or can you share any guide you followed? That would be much appreciated as I am planning to change all my solenoid in my next ATF oil change.
They included very basic instructions, but it was just like "remove mechatronics", "remove solenoids", etc. nothing that will really give you a step by step.

Basically there's a retainer plate (you can see it in one of the pictures towards the end of the video, that has maybe 8 screws on it and runs the length of the solenoids. That is all that holds the solenoids in. The solenoids have o-rings on them that seal pretty tight to the holes they are in, so it takes a bit of a yank to get them out, but ultimately that's it. They don't screw into the valve body or anything like that

I wish I could have gotten a good video of swapping them--that was the part I wanted to record the most but I ran my memory card full on accident unfortunately.

I found a video on youtube that shows disassembly of a very similar mechatronics unit (maybe the 5HP or something like that?). I'll post it when I find it.

Here it is (below)

Note that the wiring harness doesn't really exist on the 6HP. It's a big plastic piece with connectors that line right up to the connectors on the solenoids, so that part is nothing like it. But removing the actual solenoids is the same.

And obviously ignore the whole taking the valve body apart part--no need to do that to change solenoids.

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