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Originally Posted by clinkinfo View Post
Based upon personal experience, or a guess?

Has anyone actually been running the 20 all seasons in the snow and have some real feedback?
Everyone's definition of "passable" or "acceptable" handling is different.

The X3 non-sport models came with Pirelli Scorpion All-seasons that actually were pretty good for most drivers. And if you don't drive out when there's more than 30cm of snow, it may never matter. All-seasons will probably get you to work if you drive slowly and life doesn't throw a situation where an emergency stop is needed.

But for me, control is critical. I want to be able to maximise the potential of DSC and ABS to stop in the shortest distance possible, as stable as possible. I want to be able to bring the vehicle back under control quickly should things start to go wrong. I reduce speed to appropriate levels in inclement weather, but I don't want to be crawling. And most of all, I want to be able to not worry about the car's dynamics; I love it when I can have fun in the snow, drift it around corners with ease, and then bring it all back together easily, no mess. Because the point of a vehicle is not just to get from A to B.

I've driven both the X3 and X5 (18" stock M+S) in the snow where I tried to have some fun. It's difficult. Slides and skid happen suddenly, braking distances are longer, and it is so much harder to bring the vehicle back into line- careening towards a mailbox at a 60 angle in spite of full lock countersteer and feathering the throttle is not amusing even if I can bring it back- just more work, less control.

It sounds like hooliganism but there's situations where stuff happens. Once on the way down from Snowshoe WV in the X3, driving conditions were poor and I was taking it slow, about 40-50km/h tops. Around a blind curve, came a slowplow truck that was slightly in my line. When I lifted off midcorner, the rear end came around and the X3 went off the road......towards a cliff/trees and other unpleasant things to hit. Remembering the track/driver training, I looked back towards the road, ignoring the stone drainage ditch and cliff, hit the throttle and countersteered, bringing the X3 uneventfully back onto the road (okay, my mother screamed and I'm sure I raised a few eyebrows from the plow driver and other driver behind). Given the level of control I had with the winter tires and zero margin for error, I never had to panic, or think twice. Did the tires make a difference? Absolutely.
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