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Originally Posted by Nordic_Kat View Post
I pulled the trigger and hope to have the unit in a week. I plan on experimenting a bit with it a'la ILMC's comments about hooking it up and watching it kick into action with things like opening and shutting doors and actuating the top.
Cool, congrats. Which model did you choose? I did just see that some reviewers did not like how the 4.3 misses out on a standby mode, and that the cord(s) is shorter possibly making the reach between ground and + a bit difficult. I can't see how either would bother an E9x owner though.

Now that I think about it Kat, you probably won't see it "kick into action all of a sudden" unless it's already fully charged, which in all likelihood means that the charger has been continuously hooked up for some time, and then* you open a door, open the top, etc. If you connect it right then and there, I'd guess* that it will start charging immediately, so there would be nothing to kick on, so to speak.

Originally Posted by Nordic_Kat View Post
Interesting to me is that some of the extra-curricular reading generated by the links provided by Galahad turned up 5 series and 7 series owners experiencing the same shock and puzzlement I experienced that the simple act of opening the driver's door and not turning the car on causes a huge gulp of battery juice to feed the system computers. Looks like this is a 'feature' on current model BMWs in general. I will have to go back over my owner's manual with a fine tooth comb because, while I do remember reading that actuating the top more than 5 successive times without the engine running could cause a significant drain on the battery, I never remember seeing that same warning about opening and closing the driver's door.

Again, thanks to all who helped me sort this out, your assistance is much appreciated.
I was under the impression the biggest gulper might have been fuel pump(s). I may be mistaken, but I think the most prominent whirring sound I'm hearing upon waking the car up is the LPFP which should be near the fuel tank. After I received an update (for us HPFP owners), I'm certain this whirring became even more dramatic (and so am under the particular impression my update affected the LPFP programming too).

As I recall, the owner of a famous BMW indy near me told me it was an older gen of 5ers that were the first to have this "feature". Apparently, it really reduced failures of these pumps or something. I'm sure DSX or Orient would know, among others. Anyway, we are glad to help out.

Oh for whoever cares, I found this tidbit about the soft start feature:
"Soft-start stage tests the battery to see whether it can be charged. If the battery is unable to hold the initial charge, the unit goes into Error Mode, alerting you that your battery must be replaced." It doesn't seem like a deal breaker to me.

Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
Porsche uses CTEK as does Ferrari and Lamborghini.
And others too. I read someone say that the ~$45 CTEK US 800 model, but the one in red with a horsey on it goes for $400!

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