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Originally Posted by Nordic_Kat View Post
I went basic and purchased the 3300 unit. I was ready to pull the trigger on the new 4.3 unit and then I read that it has shorter cables. Doing an armstretch measurement in the garage I need a good 6 ft of cable between the mounting stud on the garage wall and the connection points inside the hood.
Ummmm. What? Kat, that is sooo low tech. What you do is permanently connect a + and - wire to your under hood points, run it to a 'quick connect' secreted in a corner of the grille, and never open the hood. In an emergency getaway, you back right out and the thing disconnects automatically, so to speak.

[Since this wire will be direct connected to 750 amps it's always a good idea to fuse the positive lead. Only needs a 10A or less fuse, and the best place for it is just before the + connection.]

Note: Just looked again at your poll. If only those Independents (yellow) had aligned themselves with the red bar voters, they would have tied the blue bar voters, and your choice of battery minders would have to be decided by the Supreme Court!

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