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Originally Posted by elektron82 View Post
Muchas Gracias amigo.

That puts my mind very much at ease!

I did notice exactly what you describe in manual mode. I can start nicely in 2nd or 3rd as well as stop better. As an update I also noticed that its a whole lot smoother in normal mode when the car is cold and I am starting off in the morning. As it warms up it gets gradually harsher and with more throttle tip-in.

I will definitely look into the software update as I would like it to act like it does in manual mode. I am also thinking the flush and filter is still a good preventive maintenance measure.

For the price yeah I do feel I paid a bit much but my philosophy when buying from a dealer is instead of pushing for lowest price I usually ask for other extras in case I need or find out something is wrong. Oh and yeah I do lie about the price especially to my Indian co-workers because they get so jealous.
One thing that makes everything smoother when cold (for me anyways) is that the torque converter stays unlocked 100% of the time until the transmission fluid gets up to around 100*F. You'll probably barely feel any shifts at all when it's unlocked--but it locks a large portion of the time after it gets warmed up. This is to get the fluid warmed up as quick as possible.
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