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Originally Posted by elektron82 View Post
Muchas Gracias amigo.

That puts my mind very much at ease!

I did notice exactly what you describe in manual mode. I can start nicely in 2nd or 3rd as well as stop better. As an update I also noticed that its a whole lot smoother in normal mode when the car is cold and I am starting off in the morning. As it warms up it gets gradually harsher and with more throttle tip-in.

I will definitely look into the software update as I would like it to act like it does in manual mode. I am also thinking the flush and filter is still a good preventive maintenance measure.

For the price yeah I do feel I paid a bit much but my philosophy when buying from a dealer is instead of pushing for lowest price I usually ask for other extras in case I need or find out something is wrong. Oh and yeah I do lie about the price especially to my Indian co-workers because they get so jealous.
Just saw this--I would just change the oil / filter, not flush. Use ZF's fluid. It's not worth the risk of using something else that may or may not be ok in the long run.

Maybe swap out the fluid twice so you change most of it (just filter once).

And again, make sure the adaptations are reset after changing it

also--I agree, definitely change it. The EDS solenoids begin to leak/fail in transmissions where it's not changed past 100K miles. They aren't too horrible to replace, but I've never heard of a shop that would actually do it that way (I DIY'd mine)

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