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M10 hesitating? Common problem?

Hey guys, I again have an issue with my M10 in my '84 318i.

I thought I had it all solved until I started off down my street and there is no response from the throttle. Doesnt matter if the car is hot or cold the symptoms are the same. From idle to about 2K the car hesitates (even when floored) from 2k to 2.8k it seems to accelerate fine. Then from 2.8k + hesitates again.

I think the rev limiters on these engines are non existant (from what ive read) but when i reach almost 4k it simply will not rev any higher.

I am waiting on my bently manual to try and troubleshoot various pieces that might be related to this issue. I am thinking it is fuel related because ignition timing is purely mechanical on the earlier L-jetronic systems iirc.

I do have pretty brownish gas with only about 1/8 of a tank left. Possibly a clogged fuel filter? Was going to try and siphon out remaining gas and refill with new gas.

Also if bad gas isn't the issue maybe a bad AFM or ECU? Those two parts have been the solutions for other peoples problems in my research. I hope that the manual can help me out some but Maybe some guys here have some info that can set me on the right path?

Thanks again guys! You have all been a good help.
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