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Originally Posted by TXSTYLE View Post

Definitely let us know and post up here buddy. I would NOT be surprised at all.

As far as the negative camber and lowering being the culprit... I say nope. Sure it CAN cause it, but you have seen in my pics just how much tread was left on the inside! Even the shop guys were like, "Man your tires were wearing very evenly considering your setup."
That's because as I've said for years... Run 40psi in these types of setups! I learned this from a custom shop owner back in the early 90's after he went thru much trial and error.
I strongly suggest if you have NOT already and it's been over 6 months since mounting your 22's... Unmount and Inspect.

~ Big Marcus
u can say "nope" but its the truth....sorry TXStyle but its not that it CAN...It WILL

If your tire is bad on the inside its simply because you ran it under the needed psi and the associated CAMBER put too much pressure on the inside tire wall. (B) You're runnin too much camber (c) needs an alignment (d) we can rule out defective tire because your other side is worse.

someone saying a tire "looks good" doesnt know tires outside of the tread they see. Its impossible to look at a tire and determine if it has sidewall or internal wire damage...usually caused by running it without the proper tire pressure.

over inflation will wear out the center of the tire.

also, its not good to throw out random PSI numbers...what works for you in your area/conditions may not work for someone that lives across the country in different climates/conditions. Not all manufacturers use the same ratings and recommendations, etc,etc... even model numbers within the same manufacturer will have different characteristics and rating.

blah, blah , blah...etc.

Anywayz, I try to look at the inside of all my ( FALKEN ) tires at least once a year. The cars on air get checked more often because they camber in due to being lowered....My Drift cars just get their tires tossed out.

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