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Originally Posted by Costa View Post
Rubber expands when it is heated.

Anyways, I can't replicate it any other way. It only happens when there is stress from the driveline on the motor ie. shifting into gear and starting to move. It can't be the CPS because the engine still starts no problem and idles fine. I also think it might be the ICV gasket. It looks like it's not sitting properly in it's space.
Oops. Misread your op.

I've read more than one article that suggests that rubber shrinks when heated.

So i would treat that theory with caution.

Clearly too, gaskets not sitting properly, or being too old and brittle, can only lead to trouble eventually. The ICV gasket really screws with idling and the engine when its not fixed properly, so you're probably spot on there.

The difficulties occuring while shifting, and when cold, invoke the possibility of low tranny fluid. Tranny fluid expands when heated and may be too low when cold.

Thirdly, you might want to clean your throttle position sensor and its switch, with contact cleaner, and then apply dielectric grease before fixing it back. That can occasionally cause problems as well.

Are there any relevant error codes ?

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