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Originally Posted by muddypunk View Post
So what I was just reading the LKM works headlights and foglights the problem we are having comes and goes also this car does not have the OBD 1 I have a code reader for my Jeeps and but the Bimmer has a funny like 12 point plug thes like 1.5 inch around unless the plug is elsewhere.Cool about the pulley and if I have to repair the LKM Ill do it just fine I work on cars for a halfass job so I never take anything to another guy to fix! that would be like saying hey man you wanna bone my wife Im feeling lazy lol....
Oh, are you saying that the lkm does not affect the instrument cluster ?

You delete your codes by unclamping your ecu for a few minutes. There is no need to remove battery terminals, and touch them to each other for 5 minutes, or anything. Do this if the stomp test does not work on your car.

And you do have OBD1 on your m20 and it is the circular port that's located next to your fusebox. Google and youtube are your friends here.


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