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Originally Posted by cadieuxj View Post
Thanks for the advice. I've owned the car for a month now and the oil level on the dash hasn't moved, which I find odd since its obviously leaking

Also the oil seemed to be on the inside of the foam, the outside wasn't as saturated.
You might be astonished at how big of a mess you can make with just a half-cup of oil. That amount wouldn't register on the dash readout and would be barely noticeable even on a conventional dipstick. Soaking that hose for much of its length might not require half that much.

Outside vs. inside may suggest the source is the hose but is far from conclusive. Oil dripping near one end of the insulation sleeve could easily be wicked inside. To rule out the hose itself you will need to remove that insulation and clean the hose thoroughly, which is likely a PITA (and you might not be able to replace the insulation without removing & reinstalling the hose--possibly a yet-bigger PITA). That's why I suggest checking everything nearby first.

Consider getting the car in the air, even if only on jackstands, removing the underbody splash shields and inspecting the area from below. Leaks are sometimes easier to track down from underneath the engine. You may also have better access to that hose to inspect it directly.

It is exceedingly rare for that type of line to spring a leak except at couplings or where it has been pinched, crushed or chafed. If you see no obvious signs of damage and it is not leaking from the crimp connections at either end (and from your photo, at least one end looks OK), the culprit is almost certainly somewhere else.
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