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Originally Posted by djsaad1 View Post
Have you seen frozen grey? I am more of a fan of the darker frozen colors (with the exception of black). I think the lines show up better.
I was recently at a yacht show where BMW had plonked dozens of frozen colours all over the show, they al look fab. But I wonder if in a few years I'll be thinking - hmmmm those frozen colours that we all loved in 2012 and now just look a bit like an avocado bathroom suite did when it was no longer the 70's....?

The brown particularly I think will be tough to resell. Part of me thinks oh how nice and different and classy and part of me thinks - oh dull dog poo colour.

The frozen grey is lovely (although you're supposed to be helping me choose not adding more options!!!), but the whole grey thing is SO over done over here (i live in switz) - so although its a ton nicer than your average grey - its still...... grey.

The guy at the garage just wanted me to have white on white. But he wears super shiny suits and has extra pointy ostrich skin shoes. Therefore his advice cannot be trusted!
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