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Originally Posted by reytran View Post
But I think lady like the brighter one, so frozen silver is a vote from my gf. I'm down for the frozen grey. Definitely get one when my 6 die. I bought my gf an alpine white 535, and now I customized it matte white. She loves it.
Dear Reytran.....
the lady like..... hmmmm. Now, lets get this straight. I am not a man buying a car to impress the ladies. I am not a wife choosing the colour of the car her nice rich hubby buys her to show off to her friends at the country club.
I am a woman who loves nice cars. I don't care what my boyfriend would think (if I had one). I also wouldn't care what colour his car was, because lets face it - its HIS car. And I am not some accessory designed for the passenger seat to go 'oooh baby - i'm so glad you chose this colour - it matches my prada handbag'.
I am also not a bra burning feminist - but your comment was a touch insulting. If I'm on this forum, its because I want to know what BMW lovers think not what their gf's think - which, by the way, is pobably 'cool, he must have loads of cash'.
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