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Originally Posted by Soldes View Post
Mss Carla: In my humble opinion, this Frozen colors my become a passing fad, and a few years down the line; may loose some of its luster and shine with the normal wear and tear. In addition, there is a whole lot of expense involved with ordering this particular frozen line; and some of the mandatory options that come with it, perhaps you had not deem them necesary in you original order.
Having said that, there is no denying that the car is stunning; and if added expense is no object, and the color choice is keeping you up at night, then go for it!.
I just ordered a 640i, that just entered production; and did not get a good night sleep, until everything in the car was exactly as I wanted it.
Hope this helps with your decision.
I think you're right - it may well be a fad. I don't think the options are an issue in my case as I am ordering direct from BMW Munich and they already said I could have it, they just had to check with the M team. I wish I could see/feel/touch one. I do feel, maybe wrongly, that the Frozen Silver isn't quite as frozen as the other colours.... (does that make sense?) and therefore may not look quite as 'different'?
Thanks - I'm getting more moonstone than frozen votes to my surprise.....
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