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Originally Posted by roseng View Post
I wouldn't get too wrapped up about his comments. As you can see from his other posts he does not make personal comments, and thats not the tone of this forum. I have actually spoken with Rey on the phone and he is a nice guy. Often what is polite in other countries can come across differently here. I'm pretty sure he was just trying to be polite and not condescending.

As for the color choice, I think you have a serious point to consider about the Frozen colors. Just like a highly customized house can hurt a resale situation, this can happen here. It may not directly lower the price but it will seriously reduce the number of interested buyers to those that have the same taste as you, and that can make it harder to sell. That's not good or bad just a fact that the more custom a car is, the more specific buyer you need to find when selling. If resale is not a concern, that go wild, but if you are the kind of buyer that gets new cars often and are buying not leasing then you might want to consider staying a bit more mainstream.

Either way, good luck with the ride. I'm sure you'll love it what ever color choice you end up with.
I didn't want to be rude, if I was, I apologise unreservedly. It was supposed to be a mixture of sarcasm and wit (I am british - can't help myself). I guess I will stick with moonstone. Sigh.
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