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Originally Posted by ndabunka View Post
You MUST be from the Monroe area (think duck Dynasty...LOL) otherwise you would know all this stuff below...
1) Low tire pressure will cause you to loose a mile to 3 miles per gallon so fill up the tires and get it right to save the most fuel.
2) Your average speed is VERY low which indicates a large volume of "STOP & GO" driving which is NEVER good for fuel economy (especially in gasoline-based vehicles. Diesels are better @ that but still hurts consumption levels).
3) NEVER use regular fuel in a car DESIGNED to use premium. It is true that regular will work (apparently) fine but what you are not seeing is that... in order for your car to burn regular without pinging, the car has automatically added more fuel (to compensate) and you aren't saving yourself ANY money by running regular. Here is an informative online article about why you WANT to pay for premium (even if it IS more expensive)...
4) To get the radio to "turn off" when you get out simply hold the START/STOP button a fraction of a minute longer (until the radio turns off)

PS - I went to college in Monroe so just giving you a hard time.

Does BMW carry an option for carrying your fishing and hunting gear?
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