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Your point that metal expands when heated is well taken and I'm sure the op took note of it accordingly. I didn't refer to it simply because it had nothing to do with my points about rubber and so was not directly relevant to your response to that.

Aside from that, metal expands when heated, but usually extremely little....unlikely to cover up a hole sizable enough to cause the problems the op has mentioned.

Op, please check everything, tighten everything, inspect everything for cracks, maybe even look in the air box, etc. I think you need to check everything from scratch...wouldn't take you more than 15 minutes. And clean out that tps (throttle position sensor), it could be responsible. I assume you don't have any useful error codes. I don't think its your intake manifold gaskets, they usually stay put and stay that way unless you have done something in that area recently. Unmetered air usually does not lead to near-stall situations, just poor running, fuel economy and poor idling, maybe o2 sensor codes as well.

Double check that you don't have any leaks from your transmission. Double check your cps's resistance when cold. I've cable tied my cps connection to the oil dipstick to make it easy to access for any reason, I suggest you do the same for as long as its not a new unit in there.

Lets wait to hear back from him after this weekend (hopefully).

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