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iOS6 Sync Contacts

Hello, I have searched for the fix for this issue for weeks and haven't found anything. I have a 2009 328 with idrive and basic bluetooth (usb in glovebox, no bt audio or office apps). I recently purchased an iphone 5 to replace my HTC EVO 3G. Like everyone else I understand that ios6 included the MAP BT profile. I'm really not concerned with that right now, though it would be nice. With my EVO my phone's contact list would transfer to the car when pairing the phone, with the iphone this isn't working. It looks like it is trying as the little spinning circle is perpetually there when driving and when you go into the phonebook it says "transferring" but it never happens.

I can still make and receive calls phone but to make a call I have to dial it manually or pick up the one and dial from the phonebook there. The most annoying thing is that when I receive calls I don't know who is calling as only the phone number displays unless I have the person's name manually entered into the car's internal address book.

Anyone else have this option and know how to fix it? One thing I have noticed is that in the phone's privacy settings bluetooth is not listed as having permission to access the contact list (not sure if it would be required or not). Also the car does bring my contact info over from the phone which leads me to believe it is a privacy or contact list group issue on the phone.

Thanks in advance
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