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I actually have a little update on this.

The dealer service department was able to get the X3 in today to diagnose the problem. The dealer called and said they had figured out the problem and offered me a list of other potential things that needed fixing!

The problem is a bad fuel pump. It appears it will be in the shop until the middle of next week since they did not have one in stock. The replacement cost is roughly $900.00. I'm still pretty shocked that it is this high, but I have to get it in running condition.

The service advisor also said that my thrust rod bushings were bad and needed replacing, and the thermostat was causing a fault. The SA said that if I chose to replace the thermostat that the water pump also needed to be replaced at the same time. The total cost to replace the thermostat and water pump was $1,300.00.

I told the SA to only replace the fuel pump to get me running. Hopefully, the thermostat fault is just a one time deal. It bothers me though. I hope that the SA was just trying to make a few bucks.

There is never a good time for car repairs, but dang it, I only have eight payments left on the X3!!

What should I do about the thermostat and water pump? Do you think it is something I can DIY? I'm fairly mechanically able. I've always changed the oil, diff fluids, transfer fluids, and spark plugs myself on the X3.

Also, do most dealerships offer a discount if the customer is a member of BMWCCA?

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