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MegaSpeed 335d Tune + DPF Delete Review - Toronto, ON

This review is mostly for those few Canadians (and some North Eastern Americans) considering tuning their 335d's.

I recently purchased a 2009 335d from Ottawa ON and started in on looking for interesting things to do to it. Coming from a highly modified Diesel Jetta, tuning was something I was familiar with and hoping for.

After doing some research I heard good things about MegaSpeed and their Canadian Counterpart Jarek at JR Auto Electronics in Oakville. I contacted Jarek after reading a few reviews (from NRG?) and we arranged to have my Car tuned while I was in Toronto next. One of the things I wasn't keen on was sending my ECU away - I was very happy that they could tune it on-site (still having to remove it from the vehicle for re-flashing, however).
After speaking with Jarek for a only a few minutes I knew he knew what he was talking about and felt much better about the whole process. He has tuned many 335d's and X5d's and keeps in regular touch with each of them. He even put me in touch with a few customers so that I could satisfy my interests further...

The tuning took a good full day (I just left the car with them) but it was well worth it.
Driving home I could feel the increase immediately. It was a little slick out and just rolling into the throttle gave me a nice twist in the corners - very impressive. Throughout the following week I really felt the car come together as the ECU re-adapted to my driving.
One of the biggest differences was the fact that the Car had a very large amount of power all the way through the range - it didn't fall off just over 3500 like it did before - it held very strong all the way to 5K. I also found the shifts to be quicker and smoother. All around the car was much more fun to drive.

After a few days I got thinking of other things (looking for more) and contacted Jarek about possibly removing the DPF. Jarek mentioned I could get some additional power by removing the DPF and having it re-tuned for this removal. I was a little concerned about this as I've heard (from the UK) about DPF removal and how LOUD the car gets (or at least hearing a new resonance) and that wasn't something I wanted. One of the things I love about this car is just how quiet and smooth it is....

But eventually I gave into temptation and went for it - And I'm glad I did!

I've had the car now for about 5 days since the DPF removal and second re-tune and I'm almost positive I've gained another 10-15% in power. You have to be careful as you can break loose very easily if you aren't careful! It's very difficult not to smile as your roll onto the throttle - it just throws you back in your seat like I've never felt before. This whole process has really turned the car into a completely different machine - a real monster!

The best part is that the car isn't any louder what-so-ever. The car idles and cruises with no audible difference. The only time I've noticed a difference is when I rev up between 3-3.5K. I can slightly hear the engine more than I did before. To be honest, I like it - sounds kind of like a V8 and it is by no means obtrusive. If you didn't have two 335d's beside each other I can guarantee you couldn't tell any difference.

Another benefit of this process is that the DPF isn't technically removed but the internals are extracted and a by-pass pipe installed. The Pre-Cat is still active and the exterior of the DPF is exactly as it came (but wilth a few new "welds"). I'm fairly certain this is why there isn't any more sound. All said and done, you can't visually tell that anything has been done to the car, even if you remove the belly pan and have a look - so that's a plus for me - as I'm trying to keep the engine compartment looking stock.
Now I don't have to worry about re-generation and clogging the DPF on my short (but very fun) drives to/from work.

I also noticed a decrease in fuel consumption on the second half of my drive home. I haven't done many KM's since but I'm seeing the needle sit in the 5-6L/100KM range while cruising at 120KM/h. Before, I was seeing between 6-7L/100KM. Only time will tell but it's looking very good.

All in all, it was a great experience and Jarek was very accommodating on my strive for more. I'm already thinking of new things he can do for me...

I would highly recommend this if you are considering getting a tune...

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