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Owner's Remarks --

Originally Posted by Fast Bob View Post
Sorry, but the "no warning lights" aspect of this story strains credibility....what about the temperature gauge ? What about the *other* obvious signs of overheating (i.e. clouds of steam accompanied by the smell of boiling antifreeze coming from under the hood) ?
Unless the car was a CPO, or you have a *written* warranty stating otherwise, all used car sales are considered "As is - Where is".
Cooling systems are considered one of the major weak spots on the E46....BMW engines are generally pretty robust, usually going 300,000 miles without crapping out. Overheating, however, is NOT tolerated well, and just one episode can be The Kiss Of Death for that engine, which is why it`s *critical* that the car be stopped and shut off as soon as any sign of overheation is detected.

Sorry for your troubles....
I am the owner of the BMW and was the one in the car (my boyfriend was driving but though) when this happened. I just want to say that while it may sound strange to you that there were no warning lights or anything this is the case. The ONLY indication of it overheating was the smoke/steam. I didn't even smell the coolant burning like everyone says I should have... in fact, I never smelled that smell at all there was NO SMELL at all!

It was not until after the car overheated and we turned if off then turned the key to the "on" position (not "start" position) that the gauge finally went all the way to hot and the check engine light came on.

I just wanted to clarify this because as much as you love your BMWs sometimes there are malfunctions that cause these type of things to happen and I am not lying about the events or the order in which the events occurred.

That being said I really appreciate your input (and everyone's input) regarding my situation. I wish that I had taken it straight to a mechanic after buying it who could have told me to get an extra cooling system. The BMW mechanic I brought it to also said he's seen this problem with this engine before as well. And no, we did not get a warranty... another mistake I made. I have certainly learned my lesson... but it is a very hard, and expensive one to learn....

I am not convinced that towing it to a private mechanic is the best option... who knows if he is a good and honest mechanic? I don't have one down here that I know. Also, the towing becomes an issue. It is very expensive. But I do not think the BMW dealer mechanic I brought it to is lying or over-emphasizing the problem because he very well knows I am not going to pay for a brand new $10,000 engine (price includes labor).


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