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Originally Posted by tampamark View Post
The frozen silver looks awesome, I would gladly have a car that has that paint scheme. Perhaps it is a fad but it is not going anywhere soon. If you are keeping the car for 15 years then you will see the fad fade, but if you are going to keep it for 3 to 5 years then no worries.

As far as resale that is a good point that it may cut down your pool of buyers, however if you are purchasing the car you will lose much more from depreciation than from the color selection. If you are leasing then again, who cares, you just turn it in and let BMW Finance worry about selling the car.

Good luck, you are buying a beautiful car, I wish I could come over to the U.K. and be your man-accessory, I am sure I could find a Prada wallet that matches the color!

I am sure my wife would veto my trip though...
Oh no confused again. Its not leasing so I can't just hand it back. generally I only keep cars 2-3 years, I always hope that I'll want them for longer but then something cuter comes along and off I go flirting with another salesman to get a decent discount....
I live in Switzerland/Monaco so it won't be seeing the UK where I wouldn't get a funky colour as some jealous twat would scratch it instantly.
I always tell my friends to stop worrying about resale and enjoy the car they want, so maybe I should practise what I preach?
Thanks again to everyone, its been fun joining your little community...
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