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Actually, the post that was removed was not flagged by me. In fact, it was very mild, by your standards.

Bimmerfest does not remove posts for bad advice. Their acceptable use policy makes no reference to this.

I'm driving a 20 year old and I've never heard of a situation that expansion and contraction of engine parts leads to running issues, at least not in a general sense. I've never seen it on these forums either, except for one member's case which my mechanic suggested could be a head gasket issue. He had a cold start problem, which disappeared when the engine warmed up. The head gasket could expand and fix this.

So its certainly not common snowsled7 and therefore it is unlikely to be common knowledge either. That being said, I just came back from an.....intervention, shall we say, where the problem concerned (the story is too long) was traced to a buggy coolant temperature sensor. It caused major engine problems and emptied half the gas tank by the time we figured it out (we had many red herrings to work through). So snowsled may well be right about that.

OP, the way to check it is to disconnect the sensor he refers to and start the car and drive off when its cold and see if the problem recurs. If it doesn't, then its the problem, change that out and you're done. If the problem recurs then its something else, reconnect the sensor and delete the error code that disconnecting it would have generated.

Originally Posted by snowsled7 View Post

Since my last response was removed, even though it contained further advice for the OP, actual good advice, I will try once again.
All your actual advice is actually quite good, snowsled7. Really.


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