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my first post here. thank you very much to member starless for showing a great diy.

Prepared 15L of dexron, 2 filter and 2 gasket

did mine today. a little different than others, which is a E46 318ci with GM 4 speed gearbox (fill plug location is different than 5spd model).

124k miles (203,000km), never been changed any fluid(orginal 8072 ATF). Drain & drop the pan with filter replaced. No reverse problems occured before. Drained 4L out from drain plug, drop the filter another 1L came out. Drained fluid was very brownished, no burnt smell. , oil pan magnetic with some amount of metalic sluge as photo showed by other members around bmw community, replace with fresh dexron.

Refill procedure as same as the 5spd model, refill almost 4L, with engine running bring up the temperate and monitored by inpa, add another 1L, job finished.

Did a test drive after, i can feel it has acclerated better, upshift, downshift had improved than before.

planning to drive for some 200miles, then drain and refill.

Will do a 2nd drain and 3rd drain will drop the pan again, replace with second new filter.

Played with a strong magnetic against the sludge on oil pan before clean with brake cleaner, see the sluge on video on below link:

* sorry guys, my english is not good, i'm from asia.

will report again for the next 2 drain.

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