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Originally Posted by Costa View Post
I only experience this minor issue when the car is cold. I crank and it idles fine but when I put it in gear and start to move it starts stumbling but not to the point where it's gonna stall, just about to 500rpm (idle afaik is 650) it only happens when I first move it, doesn't happen after that until I have another cold start (sorry if it doesn't make that much sense)

I think I have a vacuum leak coming from one of the intake gaskets because they're old and have never been changed. What else could it be?
I have a similar issue with my 1990 BMW 525i, it idles pretty normal, but when I put it in gear and let off the clutch to move there is excessive engine vibration feeling almost like a misfire but as the car gets to operating temperature it runs perfectly. I suspect an O2 sensor or ECT sensor is to blame. A vacuum leak is also a possibility but I just replaced all my intake gaskets. I'm going to test for my O2 sensor, ECT sensor, and vacuum line. I'll post my findings later today.

-Finished testing-
No vacuum leaks
ECT fine
O2 sensor works

Now I don't know where else to look.
Year: 1990
Model: 525i
Transmission: 5 speed
Mileage: 250k

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