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Originally Posted by Ben750li View Post
And again about the auction&trool thing that u guys are saying ...
What can of info u need so I can prove u that I'm not a troll or I'm a auction guy . This car sale is not some fake stuff and that's why I'm whiling give info so u can prove ppl here that it's not a scam or a troll or what ever u call it, now that will me look and sound hounest and other ppl to see that there are real ppl and not "trolls".

Maybe there r some "trools" here but I'm not one of them

Just really want to show u guys that not every buddy here what's to f.. U , scam or lie .
there r some Honest ppl here that want to share ,give or sell there cars or ideas .
Your additional details helped. Selling here can be VERY difficult. In the end, I have always sold via either eBay or AutoTrader. Congrats on the panamera. Almost went that way myself this time. Yours is a rare color and VERY desirable. Once someone comes to look at it, you may well get the $23-$25K level.

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