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Spongy brakes

Hi, M3Woody.

I, too, have what I think may be a brake problem in my 2012 X35i, or perhaps it's that I'm not used to driving such a heavy car, coming from a 335d wherein the brakes were really tight.

I have come close to rear-ending cars, which I never previously did in my entire driving career.

My brake pedal doesn't sink to the floor as you describe yours does, but I really don't like the way they feel. While I will mention it when it goes in for its check-up in a month (one-year lube and oil), I suspect I will be told "Cannot replicate customer complaint."

And I also have a wind noise which to me sounds like it's coming from the right rear passenger window. Dunno.

And did I mention the car drifts to the right? The alignment is ok...they cross rotated the rear tires (left to right, not back to front), which helped a bit, but not totally.

Finally, I also experience times when the car revs from a stop (as if it's in neutral), before it abruptly changes gears. I am light on the accelerator pedal, and do not "stomp" on it. Ever. It has had the software update, but it still does it from time to time.

I suspect that the Consumer Reports December 2012 issue in which the car's reliability was the worst in its class at 80% below average and which left me stunned, is unfortunately accurate.



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