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Originally Posted by dallas70 View Post
Couple of ideas:
- My '06 had a problem with door locks not too long after buying in '09 - turned out to be a tech bulletin issue that required installing a 20 amp vice 15 amp fuse for the locks. I've never had another issue with locks since.
- If you're on the original battery, it's probably about to go (mine died at about the 4.5 year mark). If you're so inclined, you could replace both of these yourself since you're not crazy about taking it to your dealer. Both are very easy DIYs. Just search this forum for the battery replacement steps - there's a step involving "initializing" your battery so your car knows you've put a new one in.

Both cheap and easy fixes...and personally I'd replace the battery if it's the original even if it isn't part of the problem right now. Waiting until it gives up could leave you stranded at an inconvenient time/location.
The fuse is already a 20 amp and the battery has been replaced by the previous owner. It is not a bmw battery
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