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New CCV and NOW it decides to make noise???

Need MAJOR help!!!!

Please see my previous posts.

Things already done to the car:
New plugs
New Air Filter
Changed the VC Gaskets
New Plugs again
new plug boots
new oil
new oil filter
new fuel filters
new ECU relay
new fuel pump relay
new A/C belt

Car was still idling rough and blowing white/blue smoke at start-up. Also, the plugs on either side were coated with oil before I changed the VC gasket.
Got slight "whirling" sound when weather was colder within the past week. Checked the CCV as described (removed oil filler cap and NO vacuum or pressure), no change in idle when oil fill cap removed, etc.

Changed the CCV yesterday (relatively easy). Car idles better after warm up, but I know it will blow smoke for a couple of days after sitting, right?
However, now I am getting a very load howl when at idle. I can put my hand on the new CCV and actually feel it. Also, the car puts out a plume of smoke on hard acceleration and NEVER did that before.

WORSE: I checked my oil this morning and went for a LONG ride (75-100 miles). I get a message from the computer telling me my oil is low. I check, and to my surprise, I have almost no oil????

Any thoughts? Anyone one from Southern New Jersey that can help?
Anyone from the PA, DE. MD, or NJ area want to buy this #$% car ???
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