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I was able to install all the software, connect to the car, make a backup of the existing CAF files, find and modify the module I wanted to, saved, ran the coding and got the confirmation messages. I then disconnected waited a few minutes and locked/unlocked the car but I am not noticing the changes.....are these some of the coding changes that takes 30+ min to resolve? I also verified my new backup files had a module with a later time so it looks like my changes got saved.

EDIT: went for a test drive and they both worked! Auto Stop/Start was off at the first stop sign I reached and the driver door unlocked when I turned the car off. It appears you need to go drive it to notice the changes as it appears the door needs to kick into LOCK by itself at 20mph or whatever for it to auto UNLOCK to kick in. Sweet. Look forward to making more changes.

I suggest any new coders who are having concerns to try these two changes first as they are in the same module and easy to find/modify and also to PRINT out the instructions and take your time, there is a lot of stuff to digest.

3000 TC
aktiv / Werte=01
Sets car's Auto Start/Stop function to start in the last used setting (e.g. Off) when the engine is started

3002 CLM
aktiv / Werte=01
Unlocks doors when engine is stopped (start/stop button is pushed). Allows single pull to open doors.

EDIT2: went back in to code the IDrive "disclaimer" off and was able to do so with no problems. Sweet!

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