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Firstly, do not drive this car until you've topped up oil till the required mark.

Secondly, have you noticed any oil leaks anywhere ? On the ground ?

Thirdly, you gotta try the stop test to get specific error codes. Its easier for you to youtube this as there are many descriptive videos on that.

The care is NOT supposed to blow smoke after sitting for a couple of days. It might however blow steam, due to water condensation on the inside of your exhaust pipes. There is a huge difference in appearance between steam and smoke and the implications for your engine are accordingly different as well.

YOu might benefit from taking your car into a mechanic's workshop for a thorough check. You'll probably need an undercarriage inspection to trace sources of oil leaks and just see if there are any other problems. An online forum has great limitations simply because we are not infront of the car with you.

I assume that you've topped up oil ? You'll need to give many things a once over with your eyeball at least. The maintenance thread at the top of these forums is a good place to start.

Have extra bottles of oil and water in your trunk until you've sorted this problem out.

Please explain what lead you to make the changes that you've listed in your original post (op). Was there a problem you were having or suspected that you had ? Or was it purely preventive maintenance ?

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